Saturday, 17 September 2016

The Cells S01E04 Scene 9

Continuing the story of The Cells, a Primetime Adventures game.

Spotlight character: None for this episode.

Still at the home of Sergei and Sheila, Hal Turner shows her the wax seal and asks, "Was this a veterans group that Sergei was in that I might need to reach out to?"

Although the factions from the war are well known, this particular symbol is different enough to be unfamiliar.

She says, "Oh, um. Yeah. I have seen that. That was a group of guys that Sergei used to hang out with. Risers he called them."

"Over at the soldiers bar?"

"I really don't know. One of them was missing an eye and had some facial burns. The other was a red head with a long biker beard. I don't think Sergei liked them. I didn't like them. But they helped Sergei get his job down at the docks. I haven't seen them in over a month and I don't think Sergei was friends with them any more."

Even though the conversation goes a little longer, Sheila can give no more useful information. But after Hal leaves she picks up the phone, wipes the tears away, and calls someone and says, "Ok you bastards. I made it go away. I think... you can just leave my family alone now. I've done what you've asked. Just leave us in peace."

A distorted voice speaks back, "If you're seen talking to that man again, we will take your kids."

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