Monday, 5 September 2016

The Cells S01E04 Scene 3

Continuing the story of The Cells, a Primetime Adventures game.

Spotlight character: None for this episode.

Zach has made his way back to the Cells that night, taking two security guards with him to meet Lazarus there. Zach doesn't use their real names, instead giving them nicknames Sgt Cathy and Private Thompson.

"We'll be arriving in a minute or so, Sir," says the sergeant.

"Good. Thank you," replies Zach, curtly.

"We've scoped out the area. Stay close to us. There was some rogue activity in the area when we extracted you from the Cells. We'd like to keep a fairly tight lid on it, just to be on the safe side."


Zach turns to Lazarus and hands him some pages. "That was on Quiver's USB."

"Is this the list of names?" asks Lazarus.

"It's somewhat redacted, but yeah. There are some people in there I wanna find."

"And you believe they're still there?"

"I don't know but if they're in there I'm gettin' them out. I don't care what the rules are. Not necessarily today. Today's mission is to find out if they're there."

Dark gives way to light as Zach opens the door to the Cells.


Zach in the Cells, sharing a meal with a young man. He looks a lot younger than he is; green, nervous, and unsure of himself. They're both wearing orange jumpsuits.

"Alex," says Zach. "You're not eating half your meal. What's wrong with those?"

"You can have them."

"Well, if I'm going to have them beans, you can have whatever this goopy shit is that you seem to like."

"It's alright. I'm fine. I've got no appetite anyway."

"You have to eat, man."

"Oh god. Are you my mum?"

"No," says Zach. "But, seriously, do you wanna die in here? Of fucking starvation, no less?"

"Can you breathe properly in here? It feels like they're doing something with the air. It feels too closed in."

"You're not good in small spaces?"

"I didn't think it would be a problem."

Over and over again, day after day, Zach and his cellmate have the same conversation. Alex falls deeper into despair, wasting away.

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