Thursday, 8 September 2016

Oh Car Wars, take my money!

As I write this in part of the way through listening to an interview with Scott Haring, developer of Car Wars. Not just developer today but developer back then. 

From the little clues he's given away it's getting me excited about sixth edition (Does it have an acronym yet? Can I just start saying CW6 now?). He's saying things like "drive fast and blow things up" and "faster play" and "simpler play."

I really liked Car Wars back in the day. I liked making spreadsheets to help me design cars. In fact, I might have spent more time on the spreadsheets than the designs, and more time on the designs than the play. 

Hmm. That tells you something. 

1. I like spreadsheets. 
2. Car Wars had a high entry point. 

Today I play with spreadsheets much more than my Car Wars games but if the imaginary hype in my head is anything to go by this situation might change. 

So I'm still excited about Car Wars and especially CW6 (see? It works!). 

As they say, "Take my money now!"

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