Tuesday, 10 January 2012

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Eight Hundred Pounds Makes A Noise When It Moves

WOTC has made the announcement that confirms the rumours: they're working on a 5th edition for D&D. Few people are surprised, but that's not why I'm writing. When I heard the announcement of an announcement, I figured it would be 5e, but I wasn't prepared for my gut reaction.

What's 5e about?
How will it do that?

Yep. That was my reaction. Not, "Yeah yeah, another version of a fighting game" or "wow, another version of a game I won't ever play" or anything else cynical like that. I'm genuinely interested to know what it's about and how it's going to do that better than any other game that professes to be about the same thing, including previous editions of D&D.

Thursday, 5 January 2012

We're back and we're going

Depending on how you consume your Andrew Smith news, you might be aware that I live in Brisbane now and am about to move to Perth. If you weren't aware, now you are.

And if you're not particularly aware of Australian geography, here are some driving directions from Brisbane to Perth for you, just to get a sense of scale.

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I'm not going to drive it. Wow. That's an adventure for another time. This adventure will take me far, far away to a place where I can meet other gamers and encounter new play styles. I've already started nosing around on some local Perth forums and when I'm settled in, there should be some time for gaming.

And developing those other two game designs I have in the notebook.

Yes. Two.