Tuesday, 21 December 2010

Siege is running out of Patience

Siege, my game about a hostage situation, is running out of Patience. By the rules of the game I'll only be able to take physical actions soon. If you'd played the game or read the rules, you'd know what I mean. In the real world, I've set myself a project trigger point of the end of 2010. That would mark the end of a three month period for blind playtesting. The sad news is that no one has volunteered for this necessary part of game design.

Like any good project, there are certain conditions that tell us whether to proceed to the next point, revise and check again, or to cancel it. The end of 2010 is my deadline for this decision. So I'm on the final countdown to that point.

Thursday, 16 December 2010

Gaming Bag

I'm seriously considering buying a dAPRO Digital Artist Backpack as my gaming bag. It's perfect for an iPad (where nearly all my game books are), a couple of books, character sheets, some dice and writing implements. I don't use props or minis very often, so I don't need to worry about lugging them around.

Monday, 13 December 2010

A new game design idea

I was struck with inspiration for a game project the other day. As usual, I've been looking around for existing systems which do something similar, or the same, rather than creating something new. The more I looked, though, the more I realised that it would have to be a new project.

So I started sketching some notes and this led me to my next conclusion. This project appeals to a single person: Me. I've tried explaining it to a couple of people and failed to generate enthusiasm. Either my pitch is poor, or the concept itself is unappealing as a game, or both!

The concept is a bit high, to be sure. Much like a lecture on the aesthetic philosophy of Kierkegaard, it will have its devotees but it will never draw the crowds of a U2 concert. I'll probably do it anyway, but only because it interests me.