Monday, 24 February 2014

No Con, No Cry

I think the Perth convention season has started, but I can't be sure. Gaming cons seem to be poorly advertised around here, or there aren't many. And to be honest, I've struggled to find the space for something like Go Play. Tactics is cool but the space is too small for a crowd of story gamers. Good Games looks like a big gaming space …for card games and minis games.

Candidates for my limited dollar this year are Swancon, Comic-con, and Supanova. You know, the regular stuff. Not sure if they're all on the agenda, but let's see what happens.

Thursday, 20 February 2014

F20 Golf

What if hit points (F20 style) didn't decrease with each hit, with the possibility of death at zero? Instead, what if they started at zero and accumulated? The player with the lowest score at some milestone is the winner!

Everyone's a tank. Everyone can leap headlong into battle and not worry about dying. You get to keep playing your character. The reward is something else; a magic item, the glory of victory, the singing of songs, extra XP, whatever.

You might like to add something to account for toughness. Maybe fighter types can reduce incoming damage by some amount, whereas less physical characters take the full force. Do it if you think the armour rules you have aren't working well enough.

It'll be just like golf. Lowest score gets the blazer.