Wednesday, 24 February 2010

Will Hindmarch on Games as Art

Perhaps the most reasoned, well argued essay about games I've read in a while. This is Will Hindmarch asking, "Are Games Art?"

Other gamer writers, take note of his style - not just the content. | Hasbro Toy Fair Round-Up!

This looks like the new miniatures game for Star Wars. At least fans won't have to collect action figures and minis now. Is this "Action Figure Galactic Battleground Card Game" (AFGBCG) the Hasbro equivalent to Inquisitor?
The new Galactic Battleground Card Game for the 3.75-inch figure line features a unique pack-in card, base, and die, and will be included with Clone Wars, Saga Legends, Battle Packs, and Figure and Vehicle Packs starting August | Hasbro Toy Fair Round-Up!

The name reminds me of Battling Siezure Robots, or Super Gachapon Fighter Omega Infinity! but without the flair.