One shot!

I like running games, especially one shot games. It enables me to have some games in and around my hectic work travel schedule. At the moment, I'm just lucky to have a regular game over Skype, but it's never quite the same as around the table.

So this is my standing offer to you, gentle reader. If your gaming group is located somewhere in the Brisbane area and you want a break from your regular game, I'll come and run a game for your group. You can find me on twitter and facebook. I've listed my current offerings here for you to choose from.

Them They & Those Guys

Evil Hat
Don't Rest Your Head
Spirit of the Century
Happy Birthday Robot

Peril Planet
The Beast of Limfjord
Space Rat

Lumpley Games
kill puppies for satan

one seven design

Box Ninja
3:16 Carnage Amongst The Stars