Thursday, 5 July 2012

The FU is strong with these

We had fun playing our first game of Star Wars FU a couple of weeks back. We're playing again this Saturday night with these characters. I've collated the FU blurbs here.

Woo Vaal, Flawed Jedi Knight
Woo is a young human male from Coruscant who lost his family at an early age. Body: Fast. Mind: Intelligent. Edge: Strong with the force. Flaw: Drinking problem.

Kar, Wide-eyed Jedi Knight
Kar is a new Jedi Knight out on his first missions. What he lacks in experience he makes up for in enthusiasm. Body: Nimble. Mind: Observant. Edge: Evasive in combat. Flaw: Inexperienced.

Zei Helief, Dark Jedi
Zei has been a Jedi for the majority of his life, however he's aware that not everything has been taught at the Jedi temple. He's on a quest to find out more. Body: Nimble. Mind: Focused. Edge: Sees both sides of the coin. Flaw: Reckless.

Dofenfoe, Bounty Hunter
Dofenfoe isn't sure if he's good or bad. His life mission is to find out, no matter the cost. Body: Nimble. Mind: Wise. Edge: Sneaky. Flaw: Betrayer.

Ligh Harro, Jedi Paragon
Orphaned at a young age, Ligh was adopted by the Jedi order when his potential was discovered. He strives to be the perfect Jedi to the point of losing touch with the common man. Body: Agile. Mind: Serene. Edge: Force prodigy. Flaw: Detached.

We opened a few concepts during the game and I've added links here in case you'd like to read more about them.
The Old Republic
The Force, especially ideas of light side, dark side, unifying force and living force
Force Powers
Dark Jedi

More next time!