Friday, 6 June 2008

Wizards are Magic Item Geeks

I was listening to the WOTC podcast of a pre-release session of D&D 4th edition with the guys from Penny Arcade. During the session, Gabe (who had never played a tabletop RPG before) asked about the motivations for his pre-gen wizard character. The WOTC DM said that motivations will come from various placed, but in general wizards tend to collect magic items (staves, wands, orbs, etc.).

It was at this point that I drew a connection between wizards and technology geeks. That is, you could create a wizard character who is not a Gandalf type, but rather is the kind of wizard who just has to have the latest magic gadget. He would rave about its features endlessly to anyone slow enough not to get away. Just think for a moment about the reaction of an iPod enthusiast when they talk about the latest release from Apple. Or a computer-building geek who just found out about a new motherboard.

I've never run into anyone who plays wizards that way, but I sure hope to. It makes for a more interesting character trait than a magic-powered adventurer. And to be honest, it probably wouldn't be much of a stretch for the average gamer to play.
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