Tuesday, 10 June 2008

R.I.P. Erick Wujcik

Erick Wujcik has died, after a prolonged illness. I first encountered his name with Ninjas and Superspies, a game book that still brings back fond memories. when I learned that he was the creative force behind Amber, I felt as though my world was getting smaller. I've never played Amber, but I know it as one of the primary games played by Fred Hicks, author of one of my favourite games, Spirit of the Century. Fred appears to be honouring Erick in his own unique way.

I got the joy of playing a game with Erick once. A mate of mine was being a kind stranger to him as he toured the world, allowing Erick to stay a few nights with him in Brisbane. Of course, he organised a game of Palladium Fantasy and invited me along. It was a whole heap of fun. I learnt a lot just by playing in that game.

I brought along my copies of Ninjas and Superspies, and Mystic China and asked Erick to sign them for me. They still sit on my game shelf, pride of place.

My friend (the hospitable one) told me later that Erick passed comment on my game style, saying (a paraphrase only) that I was a "pretty good roleplayer."

It's a small comment, but made by someone who knows his stuff, so I value it. Thanks, Erick. You will be missed.
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