Monday, 30 June 2008

Don't Rest Your Head Played

I played a game of DRYH on the weekend. It was a great experience, with lots of learning and improved game-play for all concerned. Thanks to Paul and Brendon for being so enthusiastic about it.

One of the interesting things that happened was a player-player conflict. Fred Hicks has said that this is really only implied in the text, rather than explicitly described. However, he has posted the following on Story Games (full thread here).

- If they're going at it with each other, they're making their own Pain. No need to get the GM in there, save that he could use the opportunity to spend some Despair to make the PvP fight go poorly. So no Pain dice as a factor.

- Players must combine their Exhaustion and Madness pools to determine what dominates. They do NOT combine their Discipline pools for this determination.

I approached it differently in the last game, and it worked, but I like Fred's idea better. If only I'd seen this before Saturday...

Nonetheless, this is a handy solution to a problem from the Saturday game.
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