Thursday, 21 December 2017

Burn the Wheel

I've been listening to a few D&D podcasts of late and now I want to play fantasy games. There's something that still appeals to me about both the genre and the F20 rules style. Attributes, skills, bonuses, magsic items, pages and pages of spells, classic monsters, and more. Throw it all in!

But rather than throw down another stack of cash for D&D 5e (as beautiful as they are!), I looked at my shelf to see what's already there. Freeport Fate has a lot of D&D about it, complete with stats and monsters. S7S looks good too, but not quite the same. I even have Dragon Age, pending play. And then there's Burning Wheel.

(I'm going with this one, in case you've not noticed).

I know it's Burning Wheel Revised and not the shiny new one, but it's still a great game and I don't think I've gotten my value out of it yet. So it's off to Burning Wheel for me. I have a few ideas for the world, but let's see what the players come up with for characters.

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