Monday, 29 August 2016

I burned my D&D books

Once upon a time I was a fundamentalist Christian. The earth was only 6000 years old, Angels and Demons were invisible spirits doing the spiritual bidding of God and Satan, and we were living in the end times.

And I loved playing Dungeons and Dragons.

Somewhere deep inside, however, this couldn't last. Too many Jack Chick tracts. Too many sermons in the dangers of this and the peril my soul was in. The devil was in those D&D books and they were the reason I wasn't pure.

So I burned them.

A Players Handbook, a Dungeons Masters Guide, an Unearthed Arcana, an Oriental Adventures, and some Greyhawk campaign material. They all went into the flames.

To my surprise they burned with multi-coloured flames jetting out of the covers. It was the colour of spirits being tormented! They fled those books and went back to their dark lord.

My parents were upset that I was destroying expensive books. My church youth pastor was happy for me.

These days, however, I wish I'd kept them. Partly because I'm something of a collector. All those pop culture conventions and stores nudge me towards my wallet. Also, partly because I'd like to play them again. I know it's an older edition, but the nostalgia play is powerful.

It'd also be cheaper than buying the latest edition. :)

I remember some of the artwork from those books. There was one picture on the same page as the cavalier that always stood out to me, as well as a paladin fighting through demons.

Maybe I'll find a D&D game a convention somewhere and sit in for a session. Maybe that will scratch the itch.

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