Wednesday, 4 November 2015

Nagademon 2015: Nuria Setting

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My Nagademon 2015 project is to write a DramaSystem pitch. I have an idea for a setting and I want to see where it goes. Each blog post will be one (or two) of the sections typically used in a pitch. I'm going to write this in the open, rather than write about it while you wait to see if I compile it into a downloadable file.

Rebel factions struggle to overthrow the foreign power which invaded this ancestral orbiter five generations ago.

The orbiters high above Earth were built in response to the disaster left on the surface. Long after the war stopped and the surface dwellers started cleaning up the pollution, several of the orbiters declared independence and demanded recognition as sovereign states. And soon after that, they developed more weapons and went to war in the heavens.

The first recognised nation-state orbiter was Nuria, previously called Orbiter Artemis. Its people were intensely proud of their place in history, having left behind the confict of older ways in favour of a peaceful existence. Their commitment to a new way of living also made them an easy target for the larger, and more powerful orbiting nations. When the Turit Federation began to expand, it was inevitable that Nuria would fall. The Nurians believed that they represented something bigger than this kind of war, and trusted in the Turit to leave them alone.

They were wrong.

Making short work of the Nurian defences, the Turit absorbed their orbiter into the federation. They let them keep most of their customs, on the proviso that they paid their taxes and remained peaceful. In turn, the Nurians became sullen and resentful. They longed for their independence again but could not agree on how to gain it. Political factions formed quickly, capitalising on the emotions of the populace, and while most people wanted to live a quiet life, they all wanted one of the factions to get rid of the Turit off their orbiter.

You are active members of the factions, though perhaps not all of the same faction. With all your heart, you seek freedom for your fellow Nurians and you know there is only one way to secure it.

You are politicians, rebels, journalists, militants, and terrorists. You destabilise Turit power at all opportunities in order to preserve the Nurian people and the Nurian home orbiter. But you must keep your real agenda secret. The Turit have spies everywhere and are ruthless towards anyone who threatens the peace.
But it could be worse; you might be a Turit spy, sent to infiltrate the factions. Your people will brand you as a traitor if they ever found out, but it's for their own good that you do this.

No matter your faction or your orbiter, what you do you do for Nuria.

Next time: the factions

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