Monday, 9 February 2015

Poison'd Thrones

After crowdsourcing my decision about which game to run at Go Play Brisbane next month, I've settled on a Game of Thrones hack using the Poison'd rules. The common space between them is found in ambition and brutality. Martin's vision of a nobility isn't particularly noble for most of the characters. Instead it's scheming, violent, and power hungry.

Sounds like Poison'd to me.

Poison'd is a Vincent Baker game, so it has lots of lists. There's a list for your character's occupation in the pirate crew, the sins your character has committed, the events your character has suffered, and the ambitions your character has. To make them work in my hack, I'll need to re-skin them.

Today, let's start with occupations. Poison'd has the following:
Gunnery Master
Sailing Master
X's mate

For a mercenary warband, we might not even need all of these. But let's start with these:
Hedge Knight (masterless knight)
Sellsword (trained soldier)
Freerider (scout, forager, cavalry)
Squire (soldier in training)
Disgraced Maester (a healer and wise man)
Disgraced Septon (a priest and wise person)
Page (child labour)
Cook (the company will need a new one)
Armourer (repairs armour, tack, and fights)
Mummer (entertainer, sometimes soldier)

What would you add or change for the warband to have interesting player characters?

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