Sunday, 29 September 2013

Two things I'm working on as a GM

1. Pacing. This seems to be easily forgotten while playing. We become entrenched in a moment of play, captivated by a detail of the situation, and when it's resolved we've spent too much time in part of the story that doesn't move things forward. There are things I can do for this. 

a) Reduce the number of things the NPCs do to the PCs. 
b) Weaken the NPCs to lessen the challenge and finish things quickly. 
c) Strengthen the NPCs to force a surrender or retreat.
d) Increase the stakes for each die roll.

2. Compels. This is part of my current Diaspora game. Each session I start with a pool of fate points that I haven't spent by the end. Each session also has plenty of fate points left over for each character. I'm going to try the following. 

a) Write three compel situations for each character. 
b) Force a lot more die rolls for each character, preferably with higher challenges, to burn through their own pools so they feel the need to be compelled. 
c) And if they don't work I'll reconsider the refresh levels again. 

How about you? Which GM techniques are you improving, and how?

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