Friday, 13 September 2013

From story to drama

It's taken a while but I think my Diaspora game has turned into a campaign. We've played ten episodes and the player characters have fought alongside each other, fought with each other, travelled with each other, stolen from each other, gotten drunk with each other... just about everything except slept with each other. One of them even had his half-brother kidnapped and then forgot about it.

Although perhaps "campaign" isn't the right word. It's turned into an ongoing drama. The group has broken the urge to stay together, or even to work together. They're associated by convenience, alongside achieving their own goals.

It's such a joy to turn story on and extend it to a television length season. Soon we'll reach episode 13 and I'm hoping that together we come up with a cliffhanger. We might take a short break to play a couple of one-shots, and possibly come back to it.

(And as a side note, I might convert the game from Diaspora to Fate Core for season 2.)

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