Saturday, 14 April 2012

Lamara's character development

After the last session, and before tonight's session, I've written up some revised beliefs for Lamara. They're not quite refined yet, but I'm struggling a bit with the campaign situation.

  1. Rich city folk are soft and undeserving of their comforts. I will restore the balance by emptying their treasure chests in the streets.
  2. Nature rewards the strong. I will lead this group of adventurers by proving myself the strongest and most cunning.
  3. The only defeat is total defeat. I will crush my enemies and will not accept defeat while there is strength in my limbs.

I'm tempted to change the second one into a belief about the paladin, Sir Boaz. Even though he's a strong warrior (as seen in the last session), I think Lamara still looks down on him for hiding behind the trappings of knighthood. Maybe I should just rewrite it as:

Sir Boaz is a powerful fighter but is limited by his rank. I will free him from this bondage so that he can be a true warrior.

That ought to drive a nice wedge into the party, in the nicest possible way, and get Sir Boaz to fight for his god rather than his king.

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Syphon said...

I like it. Should make for interesting times in the game.