Tuesday, 8 November 2011

Session 8

Bram awakens in the refuse pits outside Liguelen to find himself scorned and feared by the people of the town. Refused entry into Liguelen because he is "Ithnel's Cursed" he staggers his way back towards Foxglen. His travel is marked by a pause at a creek where he bathes and sees, for the first time, the curse of Ithnel branded into his forehead. Desperately in need of sustenance and care, he eventually finds refuge with some peasant farmers. After some small talk and banter, Bram uncovers that the peasant and his wife are cultists of the nameless Dark Lord. They examine the mark on his forehead and offer to take him to their powerful priest, hidden in the nearby village of Foxglen.

Sophie has safely returned to the village and makes two key decisions. First, she drives her workers to continue making goods for the upcoming war, despite the cashflow problems that this causes. Second, she diverts her faith away from Bram as the true prophet and towards Cambruach himself. Intent on becoming a disciple of the gods of Foxglen, she presses closer with High Priest Elric and Priestess Fier. Sophie is also a hostess of mixed results as she and Darwin begin the rituals of welcoming the new wife into the family. Claire, niece of the village chief, is to be married to Darwin as his second wife within a week.

Dark lords and gods of nature are set to be honoured in Foxglen at the same time. Religious fervour is set to reach new heights as these deities and their followers embark on faithful endeavours of worship.


Anonymous said...

Andrew tends to alternate scenes between players when the characters aren't working together. I don't think that's standard to Burning Wheel, but it makes sense for a game such as ours, which doesn't contain many time-critical elements.

This campaign was my first long-term game of BW. To start with, I was only taking notes on the tests I/Sophie had accumulated. As I got used to the characters and the rules, the notes gradually got more detailed until, by this session, I was taking notes on what Bram was doing when apart from Sophie.

My most memorable moment from Session 8 was when another family of farmers refused Bram food, and then their children threw rocks at him. Casual cruelty gives me the creeps.

Bullbar said...

I think my main problem is not taking enough notes! I really like the cutting back and forth, it works well with the binary of two characters.

Things were bad for Bram, it was a dark time. But then he spent most of the games digging himself deeper which is something I really enjoyed.