Sunday, 23 November 2008

Narrative Control - Go listen!

In the past few months a new gaming podcast has appeared that is well worth your time.  It's called Narrative Control.

So why should you listen to it?  It's got several good things going for it.

It's short!  Each episode is 20 to 30 minutes long, so you have no problem squeezing it in, unless you are very very busy indeed.

It's focused.  Some gaming podcasts are long and rambling, with tirades, rants and diversions all part of that show's, uh... charm.  Narrative Control, on the other hand, stays with the topic and gives it a punchy treatment.

The content is good.  This stuff isn't 20 minutes of focused garbage.  It's full of good information, useful tips and explorations of good gaming concepts.  Now, if you're the perfect GM and you've read everything on The Forge then you might not care for this content, but then you'd also be the kind of person who says, "Can't come to bed, honey.  Someone's wrong on the internet!"  (Thanks to Paul Tevis for that quote).

Lastly - and this is the best feature - using the information in Narrative Control will not only make you a better GM, but it will make you and the other players better players.  

This is the best new gaming podcast of 2008, and well worth your time.
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