Thursday, 11 October 2007

Call for Roleplayers

This is a call for Brisbane roleplayers to join a Spirit of the Century campaign set in London of the 1860s rather than America in the 1920s.

Our heroes, mere Decarions in the Century Club, will be confronting threats from mad scientists, dark forgotten spirits and even Martians as they strive to keep the world a safe place for all humanity.
All kinds of science, pseudoscience and mysteries are available and real in this world. The worlds of Jules Verne and H.G. Welles are the every day for these characters. To express your interest, submit a comment to this blog entry and include your e-mail address. All comments on Divine Trauma are moderated so I will take your e-mail address from the comment and then delete the comment.

But I don't know how to play!
That's OK. The rules aren't tricky and there are a few other people there who can help you use the rules to do what your want your character to do.

How often will the games be?
About once a month. But if you can't make it to one session, that's OK. In Spirit of the Century, people don't get penalised for having a real world life.

Do I need my own Fudge dice?
No. I have the GMs pack of Fudge dice. But if you like your own dice, by all means bring them along. They make great tokens.

How many players are you looking for?
My ideal group size includes a GM and four players. However, somewhere from three to six players (inclusive) would be great.

Isn't Spirit of the Century supposed to be set after the Great War? What are the phases that you will use for character generation?
The same phases will be used, with the following changes.
Phase 1 is from birth (1st Jan 1841) to 1854.
Phase 2 is the Crimean War.
The rest is largely the same as per the rule book.

I want to know more about Spirit of the Century.
This is an entry on Fred Hicks' blog that lists almost all of the forums that Fred watches for SOTC threads. Fred usually goes by the nickname of iago.

Do it now! The world needs heroes.
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