Tuesday, 8 January 2019

What You Want From A Gaming Convention

Go Play Brisbane has been my baby for a long time, even when I left it in the (let me stress very) capable hands of John Reid for few years. It's always been about the play, about the fun. We've dabbled with workshops here and there, but we always return to that thing that's at the heart of a local gaming convention: playing tabletop games (new or old) with people (old friends or never met before). Special guests, seminars, workshops and the like have rarely been as popular as being able to just sit down and play.

It makes me think that what people want from these events is just play and community.

You can see this in the range of games. People want to play the new hotness. I remember Apocalypse World games taking the event one year. Last year was the GUMSHOE year, with Blades in the Dark attracting a crowd as well. But then people also want to play some old favourites too, in smaller amounts.

And people want their community. Between games, small groups huddle together and re-tell their adventures. People come and tell their stories to the registration people. Over meals and drinks, people tell their stories.

And that's what we'll keep doing because we love all that too.
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