Tuesday, 17 April 2018

Balls In The Air

Gail Simone has some of the best content on twitter. Snarky, witty, and wise.

Here's a wise one.
Here is my advice to writers.

If you throw a ball into the air, SOMEBODY better catch that mother******.

And that inspired me to make a list at the end of each of my game sessions. It's a list of unresolved plot items and it accumulates more with each game session. It's a list of ideas that I can drop back into the game as I need to. It helps to keep the game tight and meaningful, as well as ensuring that good ideas (or characters) aren't lost.

Here's the current Balls In The Air list for O Mortal.
  • Hector Long (guilty? who else? what was he doing?)
  • Stablehand
  • The water spirit - You're not the one I'm looking for. Who is it looking for?
  • Artis Chapter (what contacts can be made here?)
  • What did Qualthorn see in Robus?
  • People know that Alain Fitzroy was looking for someone who knows how to destroy Dwarven artifacts
  • Who wrote the unclaimed note?
  • Forest, three days in the future, one bell after nightfall.
  • Qualthorn is disappointed in Malasil for turning away from elven traditions.
  • The Hunter is still in the prison
  • Martha has high astrology skills, making observations about the dates and times

None of that will mean much to you within the context of my own game, but any of it is enough to trigger a scene for almost anyone in any game. For my game, I want all of these to get caught sometime. It might be in the next game or in a few sessions after that. And if no one catches any of them, we just get more balls in the air.
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