Monday, 27 March 2017

The farmer who became a warrior

I have a great friend called John. When John read my earlier blog post about how I Burned My D&D Books he immediately offered to lend me his.

They were the same edition too! Right down to the art that I thought I'd forgotten.

Side note: art in your gaming books is important. It helps to navigate the book, among other things.

So now I have his AD&D 2nd edition books on my shelf. What to do with them? Well, I could have simply read them. That's a kind of gaming fun.

I didn't have a group to play with, so I did the other thing that gamers do: I made a character.

It seemed to me that the trope of the hero's journey was irresistible. Also, I wanted to toy with the usefulness of those farming implements that became weapons. In the end I made Rheamah Farsighted, a farmer who was forced from her lands by a dragon and now wanders the world.

Unlike the 16 year old me who last had these books, I decided to do character creation strictly by the rules. No min-maxing. No adding extra dice to the stat rolls. Just a raw set of stats with the question, "What could she become with those stats?"

Without any fancy formatting, here is my Evernote entry on character creation.

Rheamah Farsighted

Str 11 (weight allow 40, max press 115, open doors 6, bars/gates 2%)
Dex 12 (react 0, missile 0, defensive 0)
Con 11 (hp +0, system shock 75%, resurrection survival 80%, poison save 0, regen 0)
Int 14 (4 languages, spell 7th, spell learn 60%, 9 spells/level)
Wis 11 (magical defence 0, bonus spells 0, spell fail 10%)
Cha 13 (max henchmen 5, loyalty 0, reaction adj +1)

Fighter, human

Height: 73", Weight: 123lbs, 17yo
Chaotic Good

Weapon Proficiencies (4)
- bill-guisarme (Spd 10, 2d4 or 1d10)
- short sword (Spd 3, 1d6 or 1d8)
- sickle (Spd 4, 1d4+1 or 1d4)
- short bow (Spd 7, 1d8)

Other proficiencies (3)
- hunting
- animal lord
- navigation

Studded Leather armour, shield AC6

HP 10

And then I took her on a road test to fight kobolds.

They killed her.

Here ends the story of the farmer who became a warrior.
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