Friday, 24 October 2014

From the news: Four hour siege

Just this week there was a siege situation that reached the news. Here's a snippet.
Three people from the same family were shot dead and a man was arrested after a four-hour siege in central Victoria following a "minor neighbourhood dispute", according to police. (full article)
The police have become involved only after the first victims were killed and in this case they haven't used lethal force. This is unlike the basic setup for the Siege story game. The game always assumes that none of the Hostages are dead.

If you want to use a setup like this in your next game of Siege, you will need to change the special rules for the Police. Rather than a rule which authorises them to use lethal force when the Captor has started using lethal force, the Police can only use it in self-defence or if further deaths happen.


I also want to say that even though I use stories from the news to trigger games of Siege, I'm doing so with a purpose. When you play Siege, you are involved in desperation. "Being reasonable" might not be an option for someone who feels desperate. When guns become the means of persuasion, someone's world has spun out of control.

Siege is a game that puts you in that position. From there you have the opportunity to understand the dilemma, the predicament, the desperation - all without the actual tragedy that comes from these events.

If you've played Siege and it's taken a turn to the tragic, I'd love for you to leave a comment. Tell me what happened and how your gaming group responded to it.
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