Tuesday, 22 July 2014

Mobile Insect Zero

Maybe it's just the pieces I have. Maybe it's where my design brain is at the moment. Either way, today's concept build is an insectoid tank. 

I call it a concept build because I'm still working with the ways that pieces can join to look like robot joints. MF0 frames are probably only evocative of actual joints, and they let us do something that resembles a giant fighty robot. Short of building one with a Mindstorms kit (ooh! idea! quick, do a kickstarter!) we'll always just have representations.

Later the same day I dipped into my son's Lego tub just to see what came out of it.

The source bricks have such an effect on the frame. If I'm going to build more humanoids, I'm going to need to change my supply.

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