Friday, 23 May 2014

From the news: Ideas for your game of Siege

From the news this week:
A man who was holding a woman hostage has been taken to hospital after being shot by police during a siege at a house in Liverpool.

Officers were called to a property in the Dovecot area of the city, at 7am on Thursday after reports that a woman was being held hostage by a man known to her who was believed to be armed with a knife and a gun, Merseyside police said. (from The Guardian)

Taking some ideas from this news story for your next game of Siege, your captor could have any of the following motivations.
- Arguing for custody of the children, especially threatening the mother of the children.
- A drunken argument gone wrong, with no one backing down.
- The woman is his daughter. He's holding her hostage to force his wife to drop her property claims in the divorce.
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