Saturday, 19 October 2013

Poison'd Poison'd

I ran Poison'd the other week and before I did I re-read the rules. No news there, just good practice. Then while I was running it I started flicking for a rule I needed (stats of The Resolute) only to discover that it wasn't there. 

And right in that moment, I realised that my print copy and my PDF copy were different. The sudden realisation was closely accompanied by the memory of heart-stopping minutes of GM terror from previous convention games; desperately flicking through the pages in front of gawping players, the silence murdering the story like a pillow to the face. No wonder I'd never been able to find what I knew was there. All my prep was done by reading the PDF, but I prefer to take the paper copy to the table. 

My Poison'd has been Poison'd. Tom Reed, you've struck again from beyond your watery grave.
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