Wednesday, 20 March 2013

What am I to do with 68 aspects?

The last gaming session was the setting and character creation for a game of Diaspora. My group doesn't have much experience with FATE's aspects and that turned out to be the most difficult part of the evening. It'll come with practice, though.

Looking at the summary of the session I can see no less than sixty-eight aspects staring me in the face. Sixty-eight! Between five characters and six systems that's what I have for story seeds. One of the character has a spacecraft too and those aspects are yet to be added into the mix. The astute reader-and-Diaspora-fan will calculate that the total aspect count will soon be above seventy.

With rich pickings like these I expect that we will come nowhere near the depths of the characters and stories open to us. Our first play session is later this week and we are ready for launch.


Nathan said...

Cool. When I ran Diaspora a couple of systems had a strong relationship developed through aspects, and at least one of the characters had an aspect connected to these, so it was kind of beating me over the head with "Start here!" As a side note - how much fun is it creating systems? My Favourite

Nathan said...

That should be "My Favourite part of the game".

Andrew Smith said...

Creating the cluster was good fun. I redrew the system map and suddenly several new ideas popped out of the page. The system with the aspect "Centre of the universe" is actually the centre of the map; high technology and immediately adjacent to low-tech systems full of resources. It almost writes itself.