Tuesday, 27 March 2012

How To Have Fantastically Advanced Fights

Last post I said I was going to play Advanced Fighting Fantasy with a new group (hi guys!). I hadn't played it before but I've played a handful of the Fighting Fantasy books over the years. I think the additions in AFF were just enough to transition the game from solo game to group game. I can imagine a version of it without quite so many extras added, and still with loads of fun in the game. Perhaps not quite so bare as 3:16, but moving in that direction. I'd like to retain something of the character class concept that helps to make these fantasy adventure games what they are.

All in all, my brief experience with AFF shows that it's good fun for adventuring and dungeon crawling. If you ever like playing that kind of game, I hope you check it out.


Syphon said...

Hey Andrew, It's Peter ..er Alistaire here. I'm taking over dming the AFF game at Nathan's request. He enjoys playing far more than running games. I'm hoping to steer the game towards being a more story based free roam kind of game using the same rules we've been using. So next game I'm going to get everyone to write down some character motivations and complications that we can draw out some stories with.

Andrew Smith said...

OK. I'll revisit my beliefs and use those.