Monday, 12 September 2011

To find out what happens

There's a sterling piece of advice by Vincent Baker in Apocalypse World. He's recently repeated it on his blog.
Play to find out what happens.
This is great advice. Really really good advice. For me, it unfolds in two ways.

First, it triggers the GM to present situations to the players which are more than pass or fail, because a pass or fail situation isn't a choice at all. When I'm running a game and I'm playing to find out what happens, I give them choices like this.

Second, when we all keep that advice in mind at the table, we're not so concerned about a fixed destination for the story. It allows all the players (including the GM) the freedom to meet complications with determination to accomplish the character goals. If the character really wants to achieve something, no amount of complications should get in the way, but should actually make for a good story of triumph.
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