Thursday, 16 June 2011

Poison'd Props

I ran a game of Poison'd the other day, fulfilling several wishes in one go. I had a group of great players who threw themselves into the story. It's always nice to have players who go along with the conventions of the game. Poison'd isn't just about pirates, it's about filthy pirates and that's how the game went.

The group wasn't a regular group of mine, I was a guest GM! A couple of years ago, that was something I really wanted to do. I like running one-shots and dropping in on other groups is a great way to do this while giving the regular GM a break from their role.

I played Poison'd. 'nuff said.

Channeling my inner Nittner, I used props, mostly to create a sense of place. I had a wooden chest filled with my gaming dice (mostly gem finish) and Campaign Coins, left open on the table. There was a small whiteboard flat on the table for dice rolling, notes and Cruel Fortunes. I placed a flintlock-esque pistol and a parrying dagger on either border of the whiteboard. At one point, just about everybody picked one of them up to toy with. I even used the pistol as a pointer when asking, "And what are you doing about that?"

All good. All happy. Wishes granted.
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