Tuesday, 12 January 2010

Siege Complexity

I'm going to take my own medicine with Siege. Until now, I had defined the stats as making use of a step-die system. I had thought that this would help represent the rise and fall of Resolve and Patience, creating a kind of death spiral for these two. The idea was that a character might have a d8 Resolve that was tested at specific triggers, and if the result was a 1 the die size would reduce to d6. Players could choose to push the character and retain the d8 but the "step down" would occur on a result of 1 or 2. In either case, the character's action would have to be tainted with a diminished resolve, represented in the fiction. The character runs out of resolve if a d4 roll gives a step down result and cannot push.

Instead, I think I can achieve a similar result by standardising the die size and using check boxes. Suppose we use d8 as standard, the same Resolve check would be to roll the d8. If the result is 1 then mark off a box of Resolve. Alternatively, the player can push their resolve and avoid marking the box by increasing the failure result to 1 or 2.

Suffice to say, running out of Resolve is a bad thing in a Siege situation.

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