Thursday, 3 December 2009

Mature Appreciation

Something I've noticed about indie gamers (and especially indie game designers) is that they seem to bring a maturity to the table. I don't mean that they're immune to making fart jokes or anything like that, but that they seem more inclined to be there for the game and for the overall experience of the game as the designer intended.

I could go so far as to characterise this as a willingness to experience someone else's work. It reminds me of the approach taken by some art lovers who go to galleries in order to understand what someone else has created. It requires that the viewer make the effort to really see the piece, to know the context in which the piece was created, and to explore the feelings stirred up by the piece.

This is not my argument for the proposition that RPGs are art. What I'm saying here is that I've noticed in many indie gamers the same form of appreciation as is evident in people who appreciate art. It's a maturity that wants to understand someone else's opinion and perspective, and I like it.
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