Tuesday, 2 June 2009

Mutant City Blues and CSI

Robin Laws has a new game out for 2009 - Mutant City Blues. It's been described as CSI: Gotham. I like superheroes and buy a couple of comics each month, but I've never really watched CSI or any of that genre. To figure out whether I'd like the game, I started to watch CSI. My timing couldn't have been better. Laurence Fishburne had just joined the cast and his first episode was to be aired a week later. Now, after watching about half a dozen episodes, I've reached my verdict.

Fishburne good. Endless repetition of grisly murder cases, tiresome.

So what does that mean for Mutant City Blues? It means that I'd probably like it as a one-shot, or a short series, but it's unlikely that campaign play would suit my preferences. Am I wrong? Should I just try to find someone else who's running the game and have a go at it? Was my experiment flawed in the first place; that is, should I really judge Mutant City Blues on a TV show?
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