Tuesday, 13 November 2007

Indie Press Gang

So Fred Hicks has put out the call for volunteers in the Indie Press Gang and I'm considering it. There's a bit of a thread about it, mostly between Fred and I, on the IPR forums. I have some doubts about how popular it will be in Brisbane, but the plan I want to follow will begin with GenConOz. If the Indie Games On Demand (IGOD?) event is a success, then it will be easy to run some indie games events in the second half of the year, perhaps one every quarter. Prior to that, the network of contacts is still a little slender.

So I'm going to trawl through a few Australian RPG forums to fish for the indie gamers in the Brisbane area. I might see you there. If you have any suggestions for forums, drop me a line and I'll head on over there.
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